Welcome to our website. Psychology Practice Frumau (In Dutch: Psychologenpraktijk Frumau, PPFrumau) is a practice for children, adolescents and (young) adults with (developmental)potential, or potential for talent(development).

We are situated in the Netherlands, address: Schoonveldsingel 14A, 5262XM, Vught. To find the entrance of the practice, please enter the alley next to number 7.

PPFrumau is also located at two other addresses:

Esscheweg 30, 5262TX, Vught


Nieuwstadweg 7, 6545 AM, Nijmegen (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Please sent any mail to the following address: Schoonveldsingel 14A, 5262XM, Vught.

For information, questions or to make an appointment, please contact us through our contact page(link!).



To label children and youth as ‘gifted’ leads to misunderstandings and is contradictory with actual psychological insights. The psychological diversity amongst ‘gifted’ people is greater than the similarities and there is not enough empirical support for ‘giftedness’ as a separate  category. ‘Giftedness’ is still an undecided concept and identification of ‘giftedness’ solely through a intelligence test is not possible. We don’t focus on the static label (‘giftedness’), but accentuate the psychological process, in which children can develop their abilities and talent towards expert level.