Treatment & Activities

Psychological Practice Frumau is founded by Mia Frumau and has over thirty years of experience helping young people with high cognitive abilities. PPFrumau aims to help children, youth and (young) adults with high cognitive abilities develop towards self-actualization, recognizing each individual with their own personal talents is one of the approaches used in this practice. And this is even more important with this specific focus group, the gifted. Helping them develop emotionally, socially and cognitively, but also help them explore and use their creativity and practical intelligence. PPFrumau offers multiple interventions, individual or in groups. We always try to involve the broader system. We specially focus on trauma, in our opinion often misdiagnosed in gifted people. 

Individual therapy

This practice is specialized in help for individuals with high potential. Different methods are used in our practice. Mia Frumau accompanies the therapeutic treatments.

Psychotherapy is an eclectic method, with an accent on cognitive behavioral therapy and clientfocused therapy. It is a specialised method in which the client goes through a proces of change. There is a focus on personal development, which leads to more selfreflection and selfknowledge. Also, a clientfocused approach, problemsolving techniques and visual methods are used in this practice.

Every individual is different and unique. Thus, we evaluate per person if individual treatment is needed or if the system needs to be involved in treatment. Different members of the multidisciplinary team can be involved in the treatment.

During the intakefase we examine if treatment at our practice will be advised. If so, during the treatmentfase we will decide the individual goals for treatment. Together we will make a plan to achieve the aimed goal as much as possible. It is common to have an appointment every other week. Sessions are 45 minutes (individual) or 60 minutes (family or extended advise). When the goal is achieved or when you feel the treatment is done, the treatment will be ended. There will be attention for this ending aswell.

For more information about appointments please do not hesitate to contact us.



For young individuals who need help with academic difficulties, such as underachievement, motivational problems, fear of failure, and other.

For talentdevelopment you can also contact Breinsteyn. Breinsteyn is related to the practice and focuses on analysing, understanding and developing talent and self.


Gave Peers

A group program we co-developed and use is Gave Peers (evaluations in Dutch are mainly positive since 1996, In eleven sessions a group of about eight children learn different skills, such as insights in strengths and learning to use them, enhancing practical and creative intelligence, learning to mentalize and philosophizing. The children learn to talk about different subjects by roleplay, creative expressions, games etc.


For underachievers

Together with teachers we offer group-therapy for underachievers on grammar-schools. The duration of this program for schools is three years. Mia Frumau (psychologist and psychotherapist) offers teachers programs for students in order to diminish underachievement and in the first year she teaches the teachers how to imply these programs in the classroom. The second year the teacher executes this program in a classroom with underachievers. Mia Frumau coaches the teacher throughout this year. The third year Mia Frumau supervises and the program is implemented in the school. These programs were positively evaluated.


For dropouts

In cooperation with teachers we offer a group-therapy for dropouts (6-9 year). The pilot of this group ‘education-healthcare’ was in 2017-2018. The effects of this group-therapy is scientifically researched by Fenne Frumau, MSc. (Res). Preliminary results are positive. Parents and teachers evaluated that psychosomatic problems, anxiety, depression, and social problems are diminished. They also evaluated that emotional intelligence is increased, children have better emotion-regulation, and their mood is improved.



Mia Frumau is also developer and researcher for the POSI model. The POSI model is an interactive method and the first step is to identity strengths and weaknesses of the cognitively gifted. The focus of the research project is the following:  The various aspects of non-academic intelligence and personality factors in the gifted young adolescent. We pay attention to emotional intelligence, creativity, practical intelligence, motivation, personality factors (little five), ego-development, ego development, cognitive coping, strengths, difficulties, stressful life events, life success and attachment style.


Education for specialists

PPFrumau teaches and gives lectures at different organisations connected to giftedness. The aim is to educate others on psychotherapy for gifted and train psychologists.