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Psychology practice Frumau


  • When you are precocious.
  • When you feel all that’s wrong in the world when your only six years old.
  • When you develop fears.
  • When you’re not feeling well.
  • When you feel different.
  • When you don’t feel accepted.PsychologenpraktijkFrumau
  • When you don’t perform as well as you could in school.
  • When you are very sensitive and you don’t know how to cope with it.
  • When you understand study materials but you can’t work fast or concentrated.
  • When you are very bored and seek challenges.
  • When you feel depressed.
  • When you are an underachiever.


Psychology Practice Frumau aims to gain wellbeing of children, youth and (young) adults with potential abilities and to stimulate the development of potential abilities to self-actualization and wisdom. The practice is specialized in the field of ‘giftedness’ and offers specialized help for the cognitive precocious and creative children, youth and (young) adults who experience internal or external discrepancy. We believe that cognitive precocious children need existential and sincere attention to strengthen their individual weak and strong aspects in the cognitive, social and emotional area. We diagnose, advise, treat and counsel children, systems and adults with different kinds of problems. Diagnostics are offered in the educational, psychological and psychiatric field. Different practice based therapies are used with a holistic approach. We believe you need to create a different therapy for every unique client.